Saturday, 18 June 2011


Hey, most of you year 11 or 6th formers out there can say 'We've finished our exams' well guess what. Some of us still have exams left! I've got 3 science re-takes (not my best lesson) and one of my good friends from school has 2 science re-takes, so please we beg you STOP BRAGGING! I get emotional overt these kind of things.

Positively I finally saw 'west is west' online. If you haven't seen East is Easi' it would be good if you see that first. here's the links for both:

I'm going to have to leave you with that because I've got bucket loads of science revision to do so i can succeed.
So until next time.

Shiraz x
PS This is one of the songs I love at the moment: SONG

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Numero Uno

Hey everyone, my name is Shiraz and I'm new to this Blogging stuff, so don't blame me if it starts off bad!
Well I'm a 16 year old student who has almost finished his gcse's and oh im looking forward to a well deserved summer holiday. well I don't know what else to say.

Oh I was enspired to blog by my friend Ronan who's blog is fantastic and a recomendation from me :)
Heres the link ----------> RONAN'S BLOG! <---------- 

Well my mind's gone blank so this must be the end of Numero Uno (number one)